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Vote Xavid Pretzer

for Town Meeting in Precinct 17

Statement: As a candidate, I stand for improving equity in Arlington. Bullying and harassment have no place in our elections or town. It has come to my attention that a former member of the AFR steering committee has engaged in harassing and inappropriate behavior in connection with this year’s town election. I want to say unequivocally that it is not acceptable. It is essential that we make Arlington safe and welcoming for everyone.

Arlington’s town election is April 10th, 2021!

I’m Xavid Pretzer, and I’d be honored to represent Precinct 17 in Town Meeting.

Arlington faces important decisions this year. I hope to become a Town Meeting member to promote:

I’d love to learn what’s important to you and answer any questions! I invite you to email me at

I’m having a Q&A Zoom event at 8pm on Sunday, March 28th. To attend, click here.

Other opportunities to meet me remotely:

For the latest information on absentee voting: visit the Arlington elections page.

Thank you, and remember to vote April 10th!